This Is The ENDD: a proposal for e-cigarette advertising, chapbook, Wilner Books

Alex Chavesreview, Art in America

Asher Hartman, review, Art in America

Towards a Theory of the Dick Pic, essay & visuals,

RiRi (Re)Vision, wild theory chapbook, Publication Studio

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Died, Are You Over me?, review,

Sky Candy, Aesthetics & Anaesthetics, review, interview, publication editor, Art Contemporary Los Angeles Reader

Long Live Immortality: Art as Cryogenesis at Ashkal Alwan,  review,

Bigger Market, Softer Cocks: Who Is "Porn for Women" Really For?, culture crit, Playboy

Trolling Anal (Or, recent performance in LA), review,

Strategy for Vuse E-Cigarettes Appendix #2, visual essay accompanying performance "This Is the ENDD,"

Discover More Time To Do What You Love, review,

46 Food Porn, essay in fragments, ReCap Journal

Tracy, California, essay in fragments, VIA Publications

Nothing But a Problem to Be Solved by Enthusiasm, text accompanying performance "Nothing But a Problem...," Ugly Duckling Presse: Emergency Index

Close, poetry chapbook, Sibling Rivalry Press

Martin Kersels Suspended, review & interview, The Curve at MOCA

2^13, DEEP // LEAP, poetry, 2

Still Life, Waiting for a Techno Future, Art Isn’t Fair, This Image Is the Sun In Your Mouth, reviews, Art Contemporary Los Angeles Reader &

Mad Marginal Cahier 1: from Basaglia to Brazil, essay in fragments, The Art Book Review

37 Feet, co-written with Rocket Caleshu, essay in fragments, Dilettante, a publication featuring the residents of Summer Forum for Inquiry + Exchange

4 Feet, poetry, Concord Press 1

Ali Liebegott Obessed, review & interview, HTML GIANT

two poems, BLOOM: a journal of queer literature

Shoeless at Mark J. Lee's, Friends of Poetry, A Guide to Getting Lost,  & My Next Life Is This Life, Art Contemporary Los Angeles Reader 

Rowan Smith and the Cruelly Real, artist profile, Wanted Magazine

Where There’s Smoke, commissioned essay for the exhibition "Rowan Smith: Where There Is Smoke" at What If The World Gallery

What New Girl Says About Recession-Era Men, culture crit, GOOD Magazine

Snaps & Crackles, poetry, Sang Bleu

Research on the Topic of Twinks, poetry, Jupiter 88 ed. CA Conrad

Stuff NDAA, You Fuckers, commissioned text for COME ON YOU FUCKERS, editioned EP by Rowan Smith and Ingrid Lee, 2012

Breeders Run the Bathrooms, poetry, Floating Bridge Review

Ode To David Bowie, poetry, Faggot Dinosaur: Writers Among Artists Anthology ed. Ali Liebgott

Vertical Interrogation of an Ex, sound work, The Collagist

three poems, [PANK] Magazine

/kwɪr/ /queer/: an introduction, essay in fragments, [PANK] Magazine

Why Indie Hates Lana Del Rey, culture crit, GOOD Magazine

Aphorisms on Facebook, essay in fragments, Work Magazine

Empathy Machine: Megan May Daahler’s Mirror Box, commissioned essay for the exhibition "The Mirror Box" at Mains d’Œuvres Gallery